Outcome of the 2023 AGM of the Association

The joint AGM of the St Quintin and Woodlands Forum and the St Helens Residents Association was held on June 8th 2023, at St Helens Church Hall. Attendance was some 70 members.

Elections were held for officers and the management committee of both bodies. For the Association, the following were re-elected:

Maggie Tyler (Treasurer) (Wallingford Avenue)
Stephen Duckworth (Pangbourne Avenue)
Fiona Withey (Kelfield Gardens)
Catherine Mannheim (Highlever Road)
Henry Peterson (Chair) (Highlever Road)
Pat Healy (Oakworth Road)
David Marshall (Finstock Road)
Tania Martin (Secretary) (Highlever Road)

Some minor changes were agreed to the constitutions of both bodies. The amended version of the St Helens Residents constitution is below:

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