Neighbourhood plan gets underway

Kensington and Chelsea Council has now formally ‘designated’ the new St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum.  The background documents can be seen here on the council’s website.

An inaugural meeting of the Forum was held at St Helens Church hall on June 27th 2013.  A constitution was adopted and a 10 person management committee elected. There remain 4 places on the management committee and others have come forward since the meeting to express interest in joining the committee.  There will be further decisions on membership at the next open meeting (scheduled for September 12th).

More details about the forum and the neighbourhood plan are on the new website at

In future, the new website is where information about the plan will be published and comments can be left.

The St Helens Residents Association will continue as a separate body, and will have less need to get involved in the detail of planning issues. Existing members of the association are also deemed to be members of the forum, and will be notified of meetings and consultation sessions.

St Helens Festival 2013

The association had a stall at the very successful St Helens Festival on July 6th.  A total of 28 new members signed up to join, bringing our total membership to over 300.  This helps to strengthen the voice of the association (and the new neighbourhood forum) on decisions that affect the area.  Whether it is on the major plans for developments in this part of London (including the long-term plans for the HS2 transport interchange at Old Oak) or the future of health services in our immediate neighbourhood, there is a lot happening at the moment.

Designation of this area for a neighbourhood plan means that detailed work can begin on putting the plan together.  This will include a look back at the history of the area, an update of conservation policies, and ideas for ensuring the long term success of the shopping parades and regenerating Latimer Road.

We need to gather together everyone’s views on what is good about the area, and what may be threats or unwelcome trends for the future.  Please use or the comments box on this site to feed in your suggestions.