The website previously used by the association at has closed down.  Our minutes and other core documents have now been transferred to this site and can be found below:

Constitution of St Helens Residents Association


Minutes of AGM 2008


General Meeting minutes 22 Jan 2009

Committee Meeting 8 April 2009

General Meeting Minutes 30th April 2009

Committee Meeting Minutes 4th June 2009

Committee minutes 15 September 2009

Minutes of 2009 AGM


Committee meeting Minutes 22 Feb 2010

Committee meeting Minutes 13 May 2010

Committee meeting Minutes 16 June 2010

Committee meeting Minutes 11 October 2010

Minutes of AGM 2010


Committee meeting Minutes 19th January 2011

Committee meeting Minutes 10th March 2011

Committee meeting Minutes 18th April 2011

General Meeting 12 May 2011

Committee meeting Minutes 6 July 2011

Minutes of management committee 11th Nov 2011

Minutes of AGM 2011


Minutes of SHRA open meeting 20 Feb 2012

Minutes of management committee 20th March 2012

Minutes of management committee 29th May 2012

Minutes of general meeting 30th June 2102

Minutes of management committee 4th Sept 2012

SHRA AGM Minutes Nov 2012


Management Committee minutes 13th March 2013

Management Committee Meeting 25th March 2013

Minutes of management committee 1st May 2013

Minutes of management committee 30th May 2013

SHRA Management Committee minutes 5th Sept

SHRA and StQW open meeting 12th

SHRA AGM 5th December 2013


SHRA open meeting March 27th 2014

StQW.SHRA Open Meeting minutes 24 April 2014

StQW Open Meeting minutes 29th May 2014

StQW.SHRA Open Meeting minutes 10th July 2014

Minutes of StQW AGM November 20th 2014


StQW Open Meeting minutes 5th February 2015

StQW and SHRA AGM 18th Nov 2015


StQW.SHRA Open Meeting minutes 18.02.16.

StQW.SHRA Open Meeting minutes 9th June 2016

For minutes of meetings since 2016, please see our sister website at