Referendum on StQW Neighbourhood Plan – please vote on February 25th

After several years of work by the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum, the neighbourhood plan for this area is about to be voted on by local residents.

The vote will take place on Thursday February 25th, at St Helens Church.  The Council will be running the vote, as for a local election.  The polling station will be open from 7am to 10pm.

If you are a resident living within the neighbourhood area, and on the RBKC electoral register, please come out to vote ‘yes’ in favour of the neighbourhood plan.  The Council will then adopt the StQW Draft Plan and use it when making future planning decisions in this area.

The policies in the Draft Plan will

  • protect from development the three St Quinbtin ‘backlands’ at Nursery Lane, the West London Bowling Club, and behind Kelfield Gardens.
  • bring back more life to Latimer Road, allowing for cafes, shops, creches. coffee shops and restaurants, as well as office uses.
  • allow ‘mixed use’ redevelopment of Units 1-14 Latimer Road
  • reduce the number of vacant shop units in St Helens Gardens and North Pole Road, by allowing a wider range of uses.
  • ensure that conservation policies for this area are more consistent and up to date

The StQW Neighbourhood Plan has been put together by local people and consulted on in two consultation exercises last year, receiving strong support.  It has been independently ‘examined’ at a public hearing last September, with the examiner subsequently supporting its main policy proposals.  Please help to ensure that it becomes part of the statutory Local Plan for our neighbourhood, by voting ‘yes’ on the 25th.