October 2020 update

This website is now updated only occasionally.  Our sister website for the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum carries more regular news of planning issues in the local area.

The StQW/St Helens RA newsletter for this month includes an item on the new shop at 20 North Pole Road, selling wholefoods and wellbeing products.  This store is a very welcome addition to a shopping parade which has had several premises vacant in recent years.

Turmeric and Honey is managed by Upesh and his wife, Upesh being the younger brother of Shelly at the North Pole pharmacist.   Between now and December 31st the shop is offering a 15% discount to local residents who bring along a copy of the flyer/voucher accompanying its launch.  A copy can be downloaded at this link Turmeric and Honey voucher.

We continue to believe that North Pole Road and St Helens Gardens are shopping parades in which more varied shops and and a restaurant/cafe would be viable – if they judge their offering well in terms of the demographic of the area.  The parade in Barlby Road has seen fewer vacant units over the years.

Policies in the StQW Neighbourhood Plan allow for change of use between different ‘use classes’ and were introduced to encourage new tenants and leaseholder to these shopping parades.  Meanwhile we hope that Turmeric and Honey flourishes.















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