Grenfell Fire Inquiry

At the Association’s open meeting on July 12th, we discussed the aftermath of the devastating fire at the Grenfell Tower.  Apart from sharing information on how local churches and faith groups had responded and how residents could offer continuing support for survivors and the families of victims, we discussed how the terms of reference for the public inquiry should be framed.

There was strong consensus that the formal terms of reference should be short and simple, so that the Inquiry can go where the evidence takes it.  We also identified a series of issues which we felt the Inquiry should look into.

A submission has been sent to the Inquiry, with these views and some further suggestions made by SHRA/StQW members since our meeting.  A copy can be downloaded here SHRA Grenfell Inquiry. Aug 2017.

It has not yet been announced when the Inquiry will start its formal hearings, and we will update this post when this is known.

Meanwhile the Grenfell Response Team continues to publish frequent updates which can be seen at