Consultation on hospital closures

Public meetings are being held over the next few weeks to discuss the 3 sets of options for closure of A&E units and reconfiguration of the hospitals in this area (see the earlier post below for more background).

RBKC has organised a meeting of its Health Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 11th September at 6.30pm in the Small Hall, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street W8.  This will give people a chance to question the NHS team.

The NHS consultation leaflet for RBKC residents can be found here.  Under all three options, St Marys remains a ‘major’ hospital and Hammersmith a ‘specialist’ hospital.  Residents in Hammersmith have been mounting a major campaign to keep A&E at Charing Cross, as a ‘major’ hospital.  This risks of losing the existing A&E service at Hammersmith Hospital look high.


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