Planning application to relocate Chepstow House School to 49 Bassett Road

This proposal from the Alpha Plus Group of schools has been around for a year or so. A previous planning application was turned down by RBKC.  A revised application was submitted a couple of months ago.

We asked all our membership for a view on this controversial planning application to relocate Chepstow House School to Bassett Road.
The outcome, from the 66 of you who responded, was as below:
Supporting the application    12
Opposing the application      41
No view either way                13
The main concerns raised were in relation to traffic, parking, and the road safety issues on the junction at the mini-roundabout on St Marks Road/Bassett Road.  Along with potential noise nuisance for those in neighbouring houses and the fact that the building at 49 Bassett Road is too small for a school of the size proposed.
On the basis of this response, the association sent in a letter of objection to the planning application.  The main concerns, as with the earlier application, were in relation to traffic problems, road safety at the junction and mini-roundabout, and potential noise nuisance to neighbours.
Our letter can be seen here SHRA_to_RBKC_objection_letter_Oct_2013
We understand that letters of support and objection (of which many hundreds have been sent into the council) have been in roughly the same ratio as your votes.  The council’s Planning Applications Committee will make the final decision on the application, in the next few weeks.

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