Neighbourhood forum to be launched at end of June

After a long wait, designation by Kensington & Chelsea council of the proposed St intin and Woodlands neighbourhood forum is now imminent.  An inaugural meeting of the forum has been convened for Thursday June 27th, at 19.30 pm at St Helens Church hall.

leaflet inviting all who live or work in the plan area to come to the meeting (and/or to join the forum) is being circulated to the 1,500 or so households and businesses in this neighbourhood (see map below).

At this stage, it is the larger part of the area within RB Kensington & Chelsea that is being formally designated for neighbourhood planning purposes.  Hammersmith and Fulham Council has yet to reach a decision on the part within its borough.  We hope that the council will ultimately decide the designate this part also.

In meantime, membership of the forum is open to anyone living or working in the plan area.  There is no charge for membership.  St Helens Residents Association has been awarded a grant of £6,760 from the Government, to enable the forum to meet the basic costs of preparing a neighbourhood plan (consultation materials, meeting room hire etc).

A new website for the forum has been set up at  This includes background information and an online membership form.  Existing members of the St Helens Residents Association will be deemed to be members of the forum without having to fill out this form.  But if you know of other neighbours who would be interested, please encourage them to use the new website and online form to communicate their contact details.

In future, news and documents relating to the neighbourhood forum and plan will appear on rather than on this website.  St Helens Residents Association will continue as a separate body, working to improve the overall quality of life in the area.  We hope that with the neighbourhood forum taking on the longer-term planning issues, that SHRA will have more time and capacity to look at other concerns such as health services, policing and community safety in the area.



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