NHS consultation on A&E closures

Our public meeting on 30th June discussed the threat of closures, and the 3 options on which NHS North West London are consulting.

The consultation runs from July 2nd to October 8th. The consultation document is 80 pages long (with much space wasted with the usual full page photos of cheery nurses etc). It has 33 complicated questions and no simple way of expressing a view. It can be found here

There is an online petition, started by Andy Slaughter MP for Hammersmith, which can be accessed at the button below.

As explained in the post below, two of the three options mean the end of A&E services at Charing Cross and at Hammermsith, leaving St marys and Chelsea & Westminster as our nearest hospital for emergencies.

It is not yet clear whether any consultation meetings will be organised by the NHS in RBKC or in LBHF.  We will keep this site updated as the consultation exercise progresses.

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